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Aubrey Bruce “ live” at the August Wilson Theatre

Aubrey Bruce produced and was featured in the Norman Connors Celebrity Music Jam: “Live” at the August Wilson Theatre filmed in August, 2011. This is the first installment of a three-part series featuring Marcus Miller pianist and keyboardist Brett Williams along with drummer Dennis Garner, bassist Ronnie Biggs, Norman Connors on drums and vocals and vocalists’ Aubrey Bruce and Antoinette Manganas.

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Urban Pulse Network is more than just a production company that is geared toward radio and television broadcasting.  We are looking for storytellers of fact and fiction.  We are also true visionaries in regards to being the conduit for regular “Joe’s” as well as megastars’ to craft, develop and maintain their own narrative.  Whatever the subject matter is we want to touch minds, hearts and souls, through how you see and hear the event or events based on your experiences. We want networks that employ and utilize our actors, actresses, correspondents, writers, producers and musicians to be confident and comfortable with our work, before, during and after an Urban Pulse Network production, broadcast or event.

The Sentinel Newpaper " The Conscience of Humanity"

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Stanley Turrentine, Bill Caloyer, Aubrey Bruce and Walt Harper. (seated) 1986

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